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Lockdown And Video Classes: Reformed Education System This Pandemic.

The excitement of packing a new bag on the first day, polishing shoes, waking up early was all at standstill during this unexpected turn of events for the education system.  This year, we all faced major repercussions of the global...

Custom Software Solutions

Sales, Marketing and Service Cloud – Services to Salesforce Integration

Field Salesforce automation solution is designed for organizations with major sales staff in field like Pharma industry, Insurance and Banking & Non-Banking Finance Companies etc. Salesforce is a cloud computing CRM, which is integrated with Business Cloud, Assistance Cloud, Marketing...

Custom Software Solutions

Greeting to Hong Kong – Team Syscraft Information System Goes Onsite

We are pleased to announce our Business trip to Hong Kong from 20th December to 26th December 2017. Two of our passionate & hard-working employees visited Hong Kong to deliver their expertise with onsite technical support to one of our...

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